Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Love This Box- April 2012

I was waiting and waiting for my April  'I Love This Box' box to arrive.. as soon as I opened the parcel I could smell something nice, thought it may have been the chocolate eggs that were in it.. but nope..it wasn't that.

lovely purple paper with an Easter egg sticker

this months goodies

card about this months box

Avado Sensitives organic gel exfoliant.

this smells nice and will give it a whirl, don't really get
dry skin except for my elbows and hands..
might even get hubby to try it

Haf  eye-shadow -light merlot

pretty nice colour and it's sort of shimmery
this spilt everywhere when I opened it because it was all
in the lid..still enough there to use a few times though.

Maybelline colour sensational lip colour - Get Nutty

very nice colour..just not sure it's the right colour for me
this is what I could smell when I opened the parcel.

Chikii (Natural Salon quality mineral cosmetics)

 it doesn't say on the packet what this is..nor does
it say what colour it is..
according to the card its either blush -embrace
or bronzer- brown eyed girl
This had also leaked out if it's crappy little packet and onto other 
products in the box.

Just D'Lish 15 hour burn soy wax candle

the scent is Water lily
which smells sort of like fruit tingles..?

also in the box was a $5 off an Avado product bought from Priceline..which I guess is good providing you
like the product.

overall I give this months box a rating of  'meh' 

hoping next months is a little better.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bought a few goodies last week..

'Finding Mr Bright' by Benefit

The lip stain 'posie tint' is a bright pink, at first I thought no way that's too bright, but it goes on quite thin so it gives a hint of colour.. It's dry so I bought a clear lip gloss that's not too sticky :)

also got one of these...also not too sticky..and only $3.95
I got watermelon.. mmm

Monday, March 26, 2012

sunsilk frizz and weather defence

I've been using this product for a week now and I will say it settles the frizz...but my hair still felt quite dry and yuck...I applied it after I'd washed my hair..and maybe again later in the day and brushed it through.. This product felt baby oil and after applying it to your hair you had to wash your hands with soap as they felt oily

I don't think I'd buy this again for myself. I think I'll stick to what I have been using and it works for me. De Lorenzo - Rejuven8. This product does not leave my hands feeling oily afterwards.

If you are having frizzy hair problems...I'd recommend trying this...it's a bit dearer..but if it works.. hey it's worth it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I love this box - March 2012

I'd been watching a few you tube videos where these people had received ‘Birch Boxes’ in which they get around 4-5 make up/beauty samples. After reading some of the comments I googled to see what was equivalent here in Australia, there were a few to choose from, but after a bit of research I decided to sign up for
'I love this box' where you pay $14.95 a month (including delivery) for a parcel which contains 5 samples (some full size).

I received my first box on Monday morning…and I wasn’t disappointed.



When you first open the parcel..you find the ’ I love this box’ box..and upon opening that you find a card explaining about this months box and letting us know that the online store is open. Flip the card over …and it gives a list of products included in this months box…the contents are all wrapped in a lilac tissue paper this month




The first product on the list is an Essie nail polish 5ml ,which is in a nice autumn colour..I got ‘Very Structured’..It’s a colour that I might not have bought myself..but I do like it..in the photo I’ve applied one coat to my nail, it dried fairly quickly and hasn’t chipped as yet and I’ve had it on for 24 hrs.

This is valued at $18.95 for a full size. so I guess this would be about $6.30

Next on the list is the Maybelline -XXL pro curl mascara,full size which my daughter was excited about..she doesn’t have this one..I’m actually not a big make up wearer.

This is valued at $19.95 (not too sure of the price in-store but I guess it would be around $15-$20)

The next item is the Sunsilk frizz and weather defence, weather protection and shine serum.full size (40ml) I’m keen to try this as I do get frizzy hair..I will try it and review it. It has a nice scent..it sort of reminds me of baby oil??

This is valued at $8.99

Next is Thalgo- Soft hydrating emulsion 30mls ..this also smells nice, soaks in and doesn’t leave a greasy feel.. I used it on my dry elbow and it’s not too bad now. will keep going with it..and review it later on.

Valued full size is 250mls for $59 so dividing it down to 30mls..I guess it’s about $7.40

Last is the ‘glitter puff wand’ which when patted onto your face or body part..leaves a fine trace of glitter..would be quite cute if going out for the night..not too sure that the I’ll use it…but who knows.. I wouldn’t pay the asking price for this..

valued at $12.50

so there’s over $50 worth of products

now I have to wait a whole month for another one… :/